Our Values




  • Self-disciplined and Seek Autonomy : We don’t believe in micromanaging our team. Leisure Talent gives our team the tools, training, tasks and goals needed to complete their job successfully, our team just get on with it.
  • No Bull S**t : Loyalty and honesty is the key to a successful relationship. Honesty is the fundamental building blocks, company information is shared openly and freely within our company and open communication is essential, we believe our team should have the right to speak their mind with clear objectives, thoughtfulness, right timing, consideration and respect. Understanding that there is no bull s**t for dishonesty and a lack of respect for clients, team members or candidates.
  • Be the Change you Seek : We strive to always work at our best, dedicate 100% of ourselves at all times. We always seek opportunities to improve ourselves and our weaknesses both within your career and personally. We believe in setting intentions and 3 main goals before the start of every day which will help us achieve success and greatness.
  • Appreciation: For our clients as they are our livelihood, for our candidates as we can’t complete a sale without them, for Fellow team members as there is no “I” in team and for the opportunities that Leisure Talent provides us.
  • Entrepreneur Streak : Our team are intuitive and innovative, they think outside the box and are always seeking for improvements within their role.
  • Balanced and Healthy : Health, balance and wellbeing being at the forefront of our team’s mind. We believe in practising daily routines and meditation to help achieve calmness and focus, eating healthy for productivity and overall health, exercising for a productive mind to achieve great results in our role and personal goals. We understand that these elements are fundamental and the starting point to our success.

We understand that our success is the success of our client’s businesses and teams.